This is Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean is an approximately 4 month old black and brown mottled calico kitten. She loves everyone she meets - rubs on your legs, purrs loudly, sleeps on your laps, loves to play with toys… but she almost met her death on July 4 when her former owner brought her to a vet clinic for an exam. She tested positive for FIV, which is a completely manageable condition that thousands of happy pet cats live with. If you’ve never heard of FIV, please check out one of three links below:

The point is, cats can live very good lives with this condition and it was no reason to kill this young life, so I took her in.

However, I cannot keep her indefinitely as I have a big dog - so she is cooped up in my bathroom. If you live in Chicago and are interested in bringing Jelly Bean into your home, please email me

I urgently need to find her a loving forever home. She will come with all her supplies - litter box, remaining food and litter, plastic airline crate, toys. She has already had two vet exams and has the records to indicate what work she’s had done.

If you know anyone willing to adopt a kitten, please tell them about Jelly Bean or repost this.